Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Need YOU

I am a very visual person.

I am also a very visually affected person (if that makes any sense).

Let me explain.

If there is too much going on visually, my brain over loads and can't process anything properly. I can't stay focused.

While reading blogs, I notice that when bloggers post a picture, most place their comments under the picture. This confuses me to no end, especially when they leave a space between the comments and the picture, and have more pictures under. My eye doesn't know what words to connect with what pictures. It takes it a while to sort everything out.

And smoke comes out of my ears.

I have always posted comments first and then the picture. This makes more sense to me because I like to hear the explanation or story behind the picture before I see it.

But my brain tends to work differently than others.

I'm fully aware of this and totally accept it. It is good to be different (at least that is what they were telling me in school).

So I come to you, my wonderful readers.

What do you prefer? What is easier for you to process? Do you even care?

Please vote in the poll on the right!

Thanks a bunch!


  1. I voted that it's doesn't make a difference to me. I'm very visual too. I have a visual memory. But a lot of captions in magazines and otherwise have descriptions at bottom so I'm just used to it I guess

  2. Voted! It doesn't make a difference to me. :)

  3. Before before before. I hate looking at a picture not knowing what I'm looking for. :-P I like to have it all laid out nice and clear for me before I even start looking! LOL!

  4. I voted picture above, but it's not a deal-breaker for me and I sometimes think it totally depends on the subject! I know, I'm very helpful, lol.

  5. I voted that the written information come first, so that I can decide if the picture is what I am loking for. I also like to avoid the .........what the h is that picture moment. but it doesn't matter as long as you piggy back this into a children's song. or have you lost that ability.


  6. Deb, you and I are way too similar.
    Blair, I will never loose the ability to piggyback :)