Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bathroom After Pictures

I have been searching my blog (not that it took too long because there are only 58 posts) for the before pictures of the bathroom.

They are in fact not here.

Strange thing is, I know I posted them. I remember EXACTLY what I was doing when I did it, and all the expletives I used at the time (not really) because my camera was on the fritz.

So I had to use my old one.

And then to upload the pictures, I had to install the software that came with the camera (I didn't know until yesterday that I have a SD slot on my laptop).

Which is when I learned that the software isn't compatible with me anymore.

And that neither Bill Gates or Bill Hewlett or David Packard are going to be creating an update for me.

And then I cried. And so did my old computer because it needed a fan blown on it to work.

Do you remember?

Well the whole point of all that was to post those pictures and I'll be danged if they aren't here!

But they aren't and I'll just post both the before and after pictures.

Bit of a warning though, these are not nearly as dramatic and the other rooms. I did go through everything, much of which I really still use (I went with the if I haven't used it in three months it was outta there). So things were pretty much just rearranged so they weren't falling over each other anymore.

I did get rid of a HUGE load of make-up. Some with an expiration date of 1998, April. I don't wear makeup all that often, as you can tell.

Ok, so here they are:

Another warning, we have a long narrow bathroom which makes it very hard to take pictures, so these pictures aren't the best, but they are the best I could do with two monkeys running around my legs.

This is under the sink. And those are my little man's underwear. It is looking like he is his father's boy.

This is the after, not too much different, just more organized. I find it so hard to organize stuff in this cabinet because of the dang pipes. There is a new fancy way to do pipes, but my husband, who is a plumber, won't do it for me. It would give me so much more room though.

This is an extra cabinet we have beside the sink because there isn't enough room under the sink. It is generally just a open the door, toss your stuff in and close it as quickly as possible. You know, like many tupperware drawers across the country.

Tidy. And minus ten thousand pounds of make up from the 90's.

Sink shot from above. See that shelf there. That is my husband stuff. Except for the shaving cream, that is pretty much it. HA! to be a man.


The tub. More than half those shampoo bottles are full except for one shampoo. I didn't like them, but couldn't throw them away. I hate throwing away things that I paid good money for. So I kept them there as a constant reminder that I shouldn't waste my money trying new shampoos when the one I use now works the best. (Not really, but it sounds a lot better than I was just too lazy to do anything about them)

After. Look at all those Aveeno bottles in the rack. I should really take out stock in Aveeno. Seriously.

This is a before and after in itself because this corner always looks like this, except there is usually a laundry hamper sitting under the light switch. You've seen that before. My husbands clothes are typically hanging out of it.

That's them! It feels nice and tidy now, even if there isn't that much of a difference. And because I'm clean on a molecular level, I didn't have to scrub or anything. Just tidy.

The next room will be more thrilling. I promise.

I just need to decide which one to do next...