Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Seasons

Well, fancy seeing you here!

Heck, fancy seeing ME here!

It has, yet again, been a while.  Life continues turning and things moved aside to accommodate new additions to the circle. This seems to be the time of year I look toward reading blogs the most, which sparks my interest in returning to blogging.

My favourite hobby is writing.  I love to be awake while the rest of the house is sleeping and add to what ever story my heart has forged.  And lately, when the story forging isn't going so well, as it tends to do, I turn to my blog and write an entry.

While being immersed in this year's round of curriculum planning, I have found there is a large gap in information for the Waldorf grades.  I have my few favourite blogs and websites where I find information and inspiration, but on the whole, most websites and blogs out there are geared towards the magical early years of childhood.

Beautiful shots of children playing in puddles, building fairy houses, finger knitting and excitedly looking at the new nature table settings.  Blogs filled with wonderful songs and poems, enchanting stories and beautiful crafts.

But what about the big kids?  What about the grades?  Where are those posts? Where are those kids?

Are they in school?

Do they not want that part of their life shared?

Are the parents just too busy bringing the world to their children to be posting about them?

This last one, I get.  I've been there myself, and is the reason this blog is so often abandoned.

But I also find that in this new season of life, a season that is built around children who are growing in independence and who need me in a different way, I have an urge to share what we are doing.  An urge to say "We are here!  We are in the grades! We want to share with you and hear what YOU are doing!" 

So slowly, I will be picking up my blog where it left off.  Focusing on a life inspired by Rudolf Steiner, showing you how we integrate and implement his many ideas and vision of what childhood could look like.

And also show you how we make this fit in to our modern world.

The posts might be shorter, there might be fewer pictures, but it's the content and connection that counts, right?

I do hope you will join me again!