Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a bad bad bad blogger. I'm still here, and still working on keeping the house organized and I still cleaning the office. I actually think that one is going to take two months. I'm finding it really hard to fit everything in. Between playing at the park, patio and at play dates I'm having problems juggling all of the house work. I'm still keeping up but I usually end up doing everything either in the early morning or late at night. I just don't want the kids to have to stay in because I need to vacuum or scrub the bathroom. And we are gone pretty much every weekend so I don't even have my back up days like I used to.

So, I trudge on. I have the before pictures that I need to upload, and progress pictures as well that I can post.

right now though, I'm going to bed, lol.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Change changes changes

Oh boy, i've got big changes coming. It is actually giving me a panic attack as I think about it.

I have discovered that I cannot do the bedroom as long as Anna is still sleeping in there, and since she still wakes up at night, I don't see her moving for a few months yet. (We only have two bedrooms and she will be sharing with Alexander).

So I have decided to nix the bedroom right now, which makes me really sad because I was really looking forward to working on it. That and the fact that the next room is the office.

The office (play spooky music here).

The dungeon.

And I have wasted one week already! I really need to get going.

You will notice that I'm not blogging quite as much as I used to. That is purely because between taking the kids out to play after dinner and then doing the organization work in the evening after they have gone to sleep doesn't give me much time to blog. When I started this I wanted to blog every day, but I started to cut the organization short so that I could blog, which to me defeats the purpose, so I'm opting to blog when I have a chance, which will probably be a few times a week.

Alexander is chillin' on the couch so I'm going to get going on the first chapters of the office organization section.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A word about Martha

Well, more than a word.

So I've been buying her magazine mostly because I have always been interested in it but wouldn't pay the money, and secondly because I was curious about what it would be like to live like Martha Stewart.

And I've learned a lot about her.

1. She has a lot of spare time on her hands because who in heavens name has enough time to create place cards, specially folded napkins and a personal take home doohickey for each place. And if you are out there, please please please let me know who you are because I could learn a lot from you. And this was just for a casual dinner with friends. "Make every dinner with friends special" it said. Dinner at my place is special if it isn't burnt or overcooked, lol. Either my friends have low standards or her standard is way too high (I'm leaning toward the latter).

2. To live like Martha you need to have four houses, each one impeccably decorated and neat as a pin. All throughout her Homekeeping book, she mentions this house and that house and all the things that are in it, but really, she can't be the one who is keeping all these houses clean, so who is she to be telling me how to keep my one house clean and organized. I wonder if she teaches her housekeepers to do things a certain way or if she lets them do it their own way...

3. You also need to have lots of vintage china and dish wear that can only be hand washed. She says she loves to use these different settings when she has friends over to dinner. But who is washing them by hand after?She goes on to say that dishes shouldn't sit out because it makes them harder to clean after... Are we really to believe that while the rich and famous sit in her dining room, she is in the kitchen rinsing her dishes so the food doesn't stick? I'm just saying...

4. Lastly, you can't have garbage cans in any room other than the kitchen. She only has one garbage can in the house because she doesn't like the way they look, so she collects a pile of stuff that has to go in the garbage and then takes it to the kitchen. Kind of odd. I wonder if she takes up an unsightly pail when she has a cold and is going through ten thousand tissues a night.

So that is what I have learned about her so far. I'm actually really intrigued by her, especially with all the tax stuff that went down. I'm sure there is an autobiography about her somewhere. I should see if the library has one. One thing is for sure, while she may have 4 houses, they are all really beautiful.

And clean :D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Skills aquired to date

So I thought I'd discuss the skills that I have made in to habits so far. And, of course, I'll add those tasks that I just can't get used to doing when I'm supposed to be doing them, lol.

First off, the good stuff. Things I've actually turned in to habits.

1. All dishes get put away as soon as they are done what ever it was they were doing. If they were just eaten off, they get stuck in the dishwasher, if they are clean they get put in the shelf and if they need a scrubbing, they get that and then get put away. It is crazy how much space this clears up on my teeny tiny counter.

2. Each night before I go to bed I clean the kitchen so it is nice and tidy in the morning.

3. I clean out my fridge once a week to make sure everything is still good, wipe down the shelves quickly and give the drawers a quick once over as well.

4. Kids toys are put away at the end of the day so I don't have to step on them or over them all night long. This will eventually be one for the kids, and for the most part my son is pretty good about putting his toys away, but not always in the right spot so I tidy that up. And daughter, while small, can make quite a mess so I have her stuff to clean up as well.

5. The bathroom is cleaned twice a week, sometimes more depending on what my little man touches while he is washing the grime off his hands from playing outside.

Now for the things that I just can't seem to do, but I know I will in the long run...

1. I am horrible about putting my clothes away when they are clean. Well, to be honest, I'm horrible about putting clothes away that I have just worn or need to be tossed in to the hamper as well. They tend to get draped over things in my bedroom, which needs to stop. Good thing this is bedroom month, lol What I need is a hamper in each room so that I can just toss the clothes in there.

2. Following that, I've not been collecting the laundry on the day it is supposed to be collected, as per the weekly chores chart. I'd tell you what day it is supposed to be done on but I haven't a clue. Maybe one task should be to plaster the list up on the fridge...

3. I've only been vacuuming the living room once a week (FOR SHAME, I know, lol) I justify this by adding that we are now outside all the time and hardly play inside, so it isn't really getting all that messy.

I know there are more but those are the ones that are standing out in my head right now. I really need to get back to following that weekly list again.

Heck, I need to create the weekly list again. I'm going to have to scroll through these posts to find the last one I created, lol.

Baby steps right?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just wanted to say thanks!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have joined me through this blog.

I don't know if you understand how much it means to me that you are taking the time to see how my baking cupboard turned out, to learn that I can't vacuum with socks on and to read about my latest frustration.

It also has kept me accountable and made each task a little easier to do and harder to give up on knowing that I have people cheering me on and expecting to see after pictures, LOL.

While many have said this is a silly thing to waste a year on, I take to heart the fact that you are here with me, supporting me.

So, thank you!!!

I've read the first two bedroom chapters of my organizing book (much of which was more soul searching mumbo-jumbo) and will update tomorrow. Today has been a day of days and I just can't get the thoughts to fall from my fingers correctly.

Thanks again!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Before and After: Kitchen

Ok, so here are all the before and after pictures, before pics first after pics, well after :) It doesn't look like a lot was changed, but while I'm in the kitchen I can really feel the difference.
(Sorry about the big size of the after pictures. I can't seem to correct it and it is actually driving me nuts, LOL. I'll work on it to see if I can get them back down to normal size...)

Spice cabinet


Medicine cabinet


Cookbook cupboard - This is one of the best changes that I made. It is so much nicer to have all my spices, vinegars and oils all in a shelf that is right beside me instead of on the other end of the kitchen.


Pantry - So nice to be able to see what is in there now! The best thing I ever did was to get my baking sheets and cutting boards organized. I used file folder organizers instead of the fancy baking sheet ones. $10 vs $54. I think I'm the winner here :) The bottom shelf is empty now, but it will be for storage of all the big sized costco boxes of stuff if we have any. Keeps it off the top of my kitchen cabinets!



Extra wall shelf - Just a lot tidier, and I moved the spice rack to the counter top, putting the compost bin under the sink to make room.




Overall kitchen shot



Above the cabinets - there are still some things above the kitchen cabinets, but it is much better than before with no food up there. Just a bin of baby stuff (bottles and plates), and a ceramic sleigh that I got from my mother in law and didn't get put in the christmas bins.


Over all I'm really happy with all the changes. And while it doesn't look like it should have taken me a whole month, there was constant re-jigging because space is so limited. I think what cleared out the most space was getting rid of everything that was expired or that I knew I'd never use.

So we are on to the bedroom now. I'm going to be reading the first two chapters tonight, and then getting started right away. I don't need two weeks to work through my mental issues, I need four weeks to clean, LOL.