Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A word about Martha

Well, more than a word.

So I've been buying her magazine mostly because I have always been interested in it but wouldn't pay the money, and secondly because I was curious about what it would be like to live like Martha Stewart.

And I've learned a lot about her.

1. She has a lot of spare time on her hands because who in heavens name has enough time to create place cards, specially folded napkins and a personal take home doohickey for each place. And if you are out there, please please please let me know who you are because I could learn a lot from you. And this was just for a casual dinner with friends. "Make every dinner with friends special" it said. Dinner at my place is special if it isn't burnt or overcooked, lol. Either my friends have low standards or her standard is way too high (I'm leaning toward the latter).

2. To live like Martha you need to have four houses, each one impeccably decorated and neat as a pin. All throughout her Homekeeping book, she mentions this house and that house and all the things that are in it, but really, she can't be the one who is keeping all these houses clean, so who is she to be telling me how to keep my one house clean and organized. I wonder if she teaches her housekeepers to do things a certain way or if she lets them do it their own way...

3. You also need to have lots of vintage china and dish wear that can only be hand washed. She says she loves to use these different settings when she has friends over to dinner. But who is washing them by hand after?She goes on to say that dishes shouldn't sit out because it makes them harder to clean after... Are we really to believe that while the rich and famous sit in her dining room, she is in the kitchen rinsing her dishes so the food doesn't stick? I'm just saying...

4. Lastly, you can't have garbage cans in any room other than the kitchen. She only has one garbage can in the house because she doesn't like the way they look, so she collects a pile of stuff that has to go in the garbage and then takes it to the kitchen. Kind of odd. I wonder if she takes up an unsightly pail when she has a cold and is going through ten thousand tissues a night.

So that is what I have learned about her so far. I'm actually really intrigued by her, especially with all the tax stuff that went down. I'm sure there is an autobiography about her somewhere. I should see if the library has one. One thing is for sure, while she may have 4 houses, they are all really beautiful.

And clean :D

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  1. I have something to say about the china! LOL! I started a long long time ago, going to thrift shops and goodwill and yard sales and picking up a pretty plate here and a cute bowl there - none of it matches, but when I set a table with it, it's really cute. It makes it slightly more "formal" without actually being formal. It's never going to be really formal because none of it matches, but it gives an overall "dressy" look to whatever meal I serve that way. It's really neat. :-) After I got a serving for 8 of everything, I started working on platters and serving bowls and stuff. I never spend more than 25 or 50 cents, but you can get some really neat things, and esp. from yard sales, I just really like the feeling of continuity. It's one of my quirks, like I'm taking this dish that's been in their family for years and making it part of my family...

    And shut it about the dishwasher. You realize there are 7 people in my house and I hand wash everything because we don't have a dishwasher, right? :-P