Monday, May 10, 2010

Change changes changes

Oh boy, i've got big changes coming. It is actually giving me a panic attack as I think about it.

I have discovered that I cannot do the bedroom as long as Anna is still sleeping in there, and since she still wakes up at night, I don't see her moving for a few months yet. (We only have two bedrooms and she will be sharing with Alexander).

So I have decided to nix the bedroom right now, which makes me really sad because I was really looking forward to working on it. That and the fact that the next room is the office.

The office (play spooky music here).

The dungeon.

And I have wasted one week already! I really need to get going.

You will notice that I'm not blogging quite as much as I used to. That is purely because between taking the kids out to play after dinner and then doing the organization work in the evening after they have gone to sleep doesn't give me much time to blog. When I started this I wanted to blog every day, but I started to cut the organization short so that I could blog, which to me defeats the purpose, so I'm opting to blog when I have a chance, which will probably be a few times a week.

Alexander is chillin' on the couch so I'm going to get going on the first chapters of the office organization section.

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