Friday, February 8, 2013

What do you do all day long? - Math and Numbers

On this episode: Math.

We rarely have a day where we get everything done all at once.  Typically we have a day that focuses on either reading or math as our main table work.  Today was a numbers sort of day.

Little Lady, up first (always).

We do lots of sorting and counting right now.  Here I just grabbed a scrap paper and made circles for her to sort the bears in.  I don't have any type of plan for her, we just kind of go with the flow.
 photo IMG_0773_zps3546c555.jpg

Cutting was up next, another favourite activity.
 photo IMG_0778_zpsc45681d6.jpg

And cutting wouldn't be any fun if you couldn't paste it to something!
 photo IMG_0781_zps1d0ee6d6.jpg

While she was doing that, I made a tally chart for her.  I grabbed a random handful of bears from the tin and gave them to her to sort.
 photo IMG_0779_zps6f2cbbb2.jpg

She placed them on the chart...
 photo IMG_0782_zpsc720fddb.jpg

And then we looked at them to see which one colour had more, and then we counted them. She really enjoyed this activity.
 photo IMG_0785_zps0b93a70f.jpg

Then ballet called and she felt the need to go dance, so I set her up in a different room with a cd player a wand and she was off.

Little Man is next!  We did our site word flash cards of the week and our reading first, as always. Then I started him with the same tally chart, only he got a bigger handful of bears and had to count the bears and stamp the chart based on how many bears of each colour.
 photo IMG_0787_zpsfdda61fa.jpg

 photo IMG_0788_zpse6675bb0.jpg

 photo IMG_0789_zps78d757cd.jpg

While he did that, I made this.  He picked "one representative from each colour" (his words, not mine) and put them on the appropriate circle. In this picture he is actually telling me to stop taking pictures and give him the paper already so he could get started.
 photo IMG_0790_zpsd1a02a1b.jpg

He didn't like that there wasn't one "winner" colour that had all eight, so he added some to his pile and did the whole thing over again, but using the worksheet the way his sister had.
 photo IMG_0793_zps4fbcaad8.jpg

And then he said enough with the pictures already.

While he was re-doing his activity, I threw together some addition questions.  He floored me today because he didn't use counters, he just added everything up in his mind.  The number line across the top is so he can check up on his numbers if he is unsure as to which way they point.
 photo IMG_0795_zps3ff3881a.jpg

Some other things we do for math type work is building.  It is really more of a problem solving skill, but I like to call it math, ha ha. Our Lincoln Log, blocks and Tinker Toys are three toys, besides lego, that get the most play in our house.
 photo IMG_0721_zps24676249.jpg

Here Little Man drew a picture of a castle and then used the blocks to re-create it. It is kind of hard to see on the picture because it is in pencil, but the drawing even has the block shapes on it.
 photo IMG_0286_zps82d509ce.jpg

Building a bridge.  We had actually built two other ones before this one that were too weak and didn't stand up, and then the kids figured out how to make it stronger by adding more sticks.  But I couldn't take pictures of the first two because my battery was charging.  This is the final product.
 photo IMG_0261_zps55c605da.jpg

 photo IMG_0260_zpsbbe8c8e9.jpg

So that in a nutshell is what a "Math" day looks like.

Now we are going to play in the snow (for the third time)!

Enjoy the wintry weather!!