Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funny how things evolve...

I was looking at my blog today and started to think about it's name and how the blog has gone through such an amazing evolution but still the name stands strong in its meaning.

I initially AGONIZED over the title of my blog.  Literally.  It took me DAYS and DAYS to find just the right title.  I was stressed out because I was stressing out.  As a person who used to need everything "just so" before she would embark on any journey, the title was a huge sticking point for me. 

After weeks of painstakingly obsessing over this one detail, the title Twelve Months of June was created in reference to June Cleaver.  The ultimate matriarch of the ultimate family.  I was embarking on a year long journey/challenge of finding my inner housewife, perfecting the art of keeping home, and in the process organizing the house room by room, one month at a time.

As the months passed, the blog became a sounding board for my thoughts beyond the dish rag.  A place to talk about my family, my life , my interests and invariably, things that just out right baffled me. And I started to see the title of my blog as more a title of the life I was enjoying.  You see, I see June as the ultimate month of the year.  Not too hot, not too cold, everything is in bloom, the grass is still green and soft (instead of grey and crunchy from the seemingly endless heatwaves of July and August) and there is still that freshness in the air before the city gets bogged down in smog. During this time in my life, everything was going really well, I was laughing on a daily basis and it really felt like I was enjoying a year of June freshness.

Now, as I blog, my focus is still on home life, but more so on homeschooling, and the title STILL works (my awesomeness amazes even me sometimes).  Through the homeschooling lens I see June as a month where in the school system, teachers begin to relax.  More field trips are planned, more hands on / fun activities are created for the children explore, more outdoor time is added to the schedule to escape the oven of the school interior, classes that are normally taught inside are brought to the school yard and children sit with books on the grass, delighted in the change of scenery.

School in June is exactly what our homeschooling looks like year round (yes, I'm a slave driver and we learn all year round). Lots of variety, lots of outdoor time, lots of books in the grass.

I sometimes wonder if my soul or spirit knew ahead of time the twists and turns of my life would take and how this title would be appropriate for the long run.

Good thing too, because me needing things "just so" has evolved in to "meh, it'll do" and if I had named the blog Rags and Dishcloths, I can guarantee it would still be called that today. Just the thought of transferring posts from one blog to the next, or creating a whole new blog with a new fancy name makes me want to shut down the computer.

I'm far too busy (lazy) for that.