Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Skills aquired to date

So I thought I'd discuss the skills that I have made in to habits so far. And, of course, I'll add those tasks that I just can't get used to doing when I'm supposed to be doing them, lol.

First off, the good stuff. Things I've actually turned in to habits.

1. All dishes get put away as soon as they are done what ever it was they were doing. If they were just eaten off, they get stuck in the dishwasher, if they are clean they get put in the shelf and if they need a scrubbing, they get that and then get put away. It is crazy how much space this clears up on my teeny tiny counter.

2. Each night before I go to bed I clean the kitchen so it is nice and tidy in the morning.

3. I clean out my fridge once a week to make sure everything is still good, wipe down the shelves quickly and give the drawers a quick once over as well.

4. Kids toys are put away at the end of the day so I don't have to step on them or over them all night long. This will eventually be one for the kids, and for the most part my son is pretty good about putting his toys away, but not always in the right spot so I tidy that up. And daughter, while small, can make quite a mess so I have her stuff to clean up as well.

5. The bathroom is cleaned twice a week, sometimes more depending on what my little man touches while he is washing the grime off his hands from playing outside.

Now for the things that I just can't seem to do, but I know I will in the long run...

1. I am horrible about putting my clothes away when they are clean. Well, to be honest, I'm horrible about putting clothes away that I have just worn or need to be tossed in to the hamper as well. They tend to get draped over things in my bedroom, which needs to stop. Good thing this is bedroom month, lol What I need is a hamper in each room so that I can just toss the clothes in there.

2. Following that, I've not been collecting the laundry on the day it is supposed to be collected, as per the weekly chores chart. I'd tell you what day it is supposed to be done on but I haven't a clue. Maybe one task should be to plaster the list up on the fridge...

3. I've only been vacuuming the living room once a week (FOR SHAME, I know, lol) I justify this by adding that we are now outside all the time and hardly play inside, so it isn't really getting all that messy.

I know there are more but those are the ones that are standing out in my head right now. I really need to get back to following that weekly list again.

Heck, I need to create the weekly list again. I'm going to have to scroll through these posts to find the last one I created, lol.

Baby steps right?

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  1. my kitchen is the worst because it's what I like doing the least! You are starting to inspire me to at least make a list of things to get done and what day they should be done, etc. I've been making B do more dishes but, he is lazy too about them lol