Monday, September 27, 2010

Worry Wart

I happened to run across an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive today.  I  never watch these shows because I start to compare behaviours of my family members to the people on the show.

My mom, she still has our baby clothes stacked in rubbermaid bins in the basement.

My father in law has tools and old furniture and pieces of wood filling both his house garage and his cottage garage.  Because you never know when you might need them.

My sister keeps magazines.  Lots of magazines.  Mostly Martha Stewart ones, with recipes and crafts she says she will reference. I don't know if she has ever actually referenced them.

Me... well, lets not talk about me.  I'm a work in progress.

Mostly though, I look at my kids.  My monkey man in particular.

He does this: (notice the line of toys in front of him?)

and it sometimes worries me.

He loves to build what he calls "gates" out of the toys he is playing with.  He needs a gate when he plays.  It started because our dog kept on stepping on his toys and he built a gate across the doorway to keep her out.  And then it became a regular thing. Sometimes they are much smaller, confining him to a square foot or less of space.  Sometimes they are bigger.  Depends what kind of a mood he is in.

It worries me even though I know it shouldn't.  Especially since I have a diploma in early childhood education behind me.  Especially since I have worked with kids for over 10 year now.

It also worries me that I can't keep a pair of pants on this kid to save my life.  Seriously, it is chilly here and still he insists on taking off his pants and just wear his underwear and top.  And socks.  He needs socks too.

People tell me I worry too much.  But at least if I worry, I will be prepared.  That is how I think of it anyway.
Plus, I tried to stop once, and I worried that I was too relaxed.

So I stopped.

See? I'm a lost cause.

On a happier note, this is what my monkey man took a picture of first thing this morning.  I love it.




  1. I had to laugh at you saying that you worried you were too relaxed. I sometimes internally think of stuff in the back of my mind but, I am pretty relaxed by nature now.

    My Mom was a HUGE pack rat. She loved to keep basically everything and collect things. After moving so much, I have just the basics. I get rid of stuff at each move. It's very freeing

  2. I love getting rid of stuff. I'm currently getting rid of all the nick nack stuff in the house because all it does is collect dust. I love the airy clean feeling I get when I walk into a room that has just the basics in it.

  3. That's my real job I work with kids too, and we had a little boy a few years ago, that lined all our dinky cars up from until all were used up. Every single week, every single car, car after car after that worried me too lol..