Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Weekly Schedule

Since the beginning of this adventure, my weekly schedule has been a living document. It changed frequently because our schedule was changing frequently.

Now that my youngest has a proper napping schedule though, things have evened out and it has made cleaning a lot easier. I take a chunk of time in the afternoon right after she goes down and right before my rear end hits the couch in exhaustion.

I have broken everything down to 20 minute chunks that I do three times a week. I haven't created specific days for each chore. I have discovered I don't like to be told what to do and when, even by me. So I know what has to be done during the week and just make sure it is done by Friday afternoon. The weekends are off limits except for daily clean up.

Here are the three 20 minute sessions I do each week.

1. Bathroom wipe down, bath and toilet scrub, kitty litter change and vacuum/mop floor.

2. Dust everything that stands still with a damp cloth, organize any papers that might have accumulated on dining room table

3. Put clothes away, change sheets, take hampers to basement.

Daily chores

Clean and wipe down kitchen, vacuum living and dining rooms, mop dining room if necessary, mop kitchen, wipe down bathroom counter and faucets.

This schedule has kept everything clean enough that there is no more scrubbing involved so all tasks go pretty quickly. When I started this I felt like all I was doing was cleaning. I thought cleaning was all I was going to be doing ever again.

And then things started to change and everything got easier.

For those of you who are just starting out, it does get easier. Once things are organized and well cleaned, it is all about maintenance, which is a piece of cake!

Just always remember how much work you went through to get to this point. That horrid memory alone should be enough to keep you cleaning each week.


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