Saturday, September 25, 2010

Storing Art

I've recently noticed that I need to create a permanent storage system for all of my little man's art work.  Since he was about two and a half he has been actually drawing things, and here or there, he has made some pretty cute stuff.

I tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things he has created.  My mom had bins for my sister and I and I recently went through mine and laughed hysterically for about 2 hours as I dug out my creations for elementary school.  I found stories that I had written, cards that I made for my parents, pictures painted in kindergarten and my favourite, a note book journal from grade two.  The things I wrote were hilarious.

I want my monkey to have the option of reliving these memories.  I want him to laugh for 2 hours because of the size of his dad's ears on a portrait drawn when he was 3.

But the papers are starting to take over my computer table, fridge, bulletin board and bathroom door (don't ask) .  So I need to start a system.

I've found a lot of advice online.

One really neat idea was to take pictures of all the art work and put them into a photo album.  But I want the originals.  I'm selfish like that.

Another idea was to keep one picture each month, frame it and hang it on your wall creating an art gallery.  At the beginning of each year you switch out last January's picture. But we live in a small house and don't have enough wall space for that.  We'd be done after a few months.  And while I know we could switch them out, I think that only one creation a month is a little on the thin side.  My little man draws almost every day.  I know I wouldn't be able to just pick one from a month.

Another great idea was to create a scrap book with all the favourites, adding text to remind me what the circumstances were around that particular art work.  I can tell you right now that would be good for the first few, but in the end I'd just start stuffing them in there.

I know my limits.

So I have decided to get a bankers box and fill it with file folders to divide each year's work.  I always date and name the pictures he draws, so I thought this was the easiest way for me to keep them.  Plus I have a spot on the shelves in his room to put the box.

And really, this is the option that requires the least amount of work.

And like I said before.

I know my limits.



  1. I have no idea what happened, but I know I left a comment on this post a day or two ago. :\

    I wrote that I heard somewhere that pizza boxes make great storage for artwork. You could probably buy a few from your local pizza parlor. I've found that most of the kid's artwork is larger than what will fit into a standard folder.

  2. That is an awesome idea! I actually already have a few that are bigger than the banker box hanging right now because i don't know what to do with it.