Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Friend.

This is my friend Andrea.

She is my best friend.

She knows me better than anyone else. Even my husband.

She loves me no matter what.

Good lord, she even loves me when my legs are so white she needs sunglasses (but she doesn't wear them, she's got too much class for that).

Funny, that picture was taken in Mexico. Can you tell I was wearing 60+ sunscreen all week long?

No, neither can I.

I'm blinded by the reflection.

Moving on.

She has been there for every one of my major life events.

She loves my kids like they are her own.



She is this little lady's godmother.

That got her the rights to change my little lady's very first poopy diaper. VERY first. It was Andrea's first diaper change EVER in her life, and my little lady made it count. I laughed (and thought I had popped all my c-section staples). It was a great moment to share.

Today, she came over with her camera.

She is letting me borrow it because mine is broken. She knows how many pictures a day I take of my kids. And even though that number is bordering on absurd, she feeds my obsession.

She knows how important it is to get all those life moments on film (disc? card?).

She is my soul mate.

And I love her.

Thank you, Andrea. For everything :) XOXO


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  1. That was very sweet!!! Made me sniffle with all these pregnancy hormones :). You can also tell her that I think she is lovely and that she looks like Diana Krall :)