Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The randomness of today.

Today I can't seem to stay focused on anything. At. All.

So I thought I'd post some random things, in celebration of today's randomness.

1. My car started making a weird noise today. I think it is because I parked it beside a newer model. It has self esteem issues. I'm sure if I ignore it, it'll go away. It better go away before the weekend though because my husband will hear it and we'll have to have the "I'm not taking the car in to the mechanic" discussion for the 1000th time in our relationship. I just don't think I have the energy for that.

2. I have just finished a perfectly portioned bowl of home mixed nuts with extra cashews. It is taking every fiber of my being not to go back and finish the bag.

3. I returned a DVD to Walmart today. It was the same location that it was purchase, had never been opened, with a price tag that said Walmart on it and the receipt. The girl tries to ring it through as a refund and tells me that Walmart doesn't carry this DVD. Huh?

4. The heat outside it totally oppressive. In the wise words of a very good friend's son "It is hot like dragon's breath out there". I'm so over summer. Bring on the snow!

5. Alexander has discovered a retro eighties compilation CD and has been listening to it all day. Only problem is he only likes four songs. So for the last 8 hours I have been listening to Bust a Move, 99 Balloons, 500 Miles and Home for a Rest (which it totally inappropriate, but he likes to jump around like a crazy person and there is no better song).

Excuse me. I need to go bust a move.



  1. I'm loving Alexander grooving to the 80's! Your blog is so cute! Did you make it?

  2. Are you kidding me! Karen made it for me. I have NO ability to do anything technical at all when it comes to this thing. I even accidentally deleted myself from the administrators after she had finished doing everything, LOL. No no, this is all Karen and I LOVE it.

  3. She did a great job! It's too cute