Friday, April 2, 2010

The solution to my problem

If I had known that finding the solution to my general disliking of constant home grooming and organizing was going to be so simple to find, I'd have never bought all these books.

"If you can learn to lift your ribs right out of your waist, and to let them expand outwards and inwards when breathing, you will soon develop that 'upward buoyant poise' which is the secret of grace and which would bring less drudgery and more joy to the daily dusting, bed-making, picture straightening, and all the dozens of things which go towards making your home beautiful."
- 101 things for the Housewife To Do, Lillie B. and Arthur c. Horth, p 186-187

So there you have it. Breathe properly and it will make cleaning much more enjoyable. I can't wait until I have to put this one in to practice...


  1. Okay. If that doesn't work, maybe try an MP3 player. I have a little more faith in the MP3 player. Who knows, with the MP3 player AND breathing right, you may be totally unstoppable...

    **whew** had to take a break there, I was laughing too hard. ;-)