Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I have officially started the kitchen organizing project. I had NO clue what ends up underneath the fridge. Totally gross.

Even my vacuum cleaner tried to run away. They really need to make an appropriate attachment for getting under the fridge so you don't have to actually move it each time.

On a happy note, I found most of Alexander's alphabet magnets, and he was ever so grateful. He even said "Mama, why you put them under there??" lol .

The two areas that need the most work are the pantry cabinets. They are filled with stuff that shouldn't be there (measuring cups, baby bottles, an old half empty spice rack, and I kid you not, a huge container of powdered ice tea from the early 2000s. I told him that we wouldn't drink it :P ) and the stuff that should be there typically ends up on the counter or the shelf. So those will be my main focus for the next few days.

I have promised myself that this house organizing wouldn't put a strain on the bank books, so I have talked it over with Peter and I have a budget of $200 for the whole house. If I need something, it needs to fit in that budget. Needless to say, I'm not going to buying much, lol. there is one exception to that rule, and it happens in the kitchen. Peter has been telling me for months to order cabinet drawer organizers from Home Hardware. They are wire and come with one shelf that you put on to an existing shelf to crate two tiers basically, but one of them is a drawer.

Explaining things is not my strong point. I'll try and find a link, lol. We already have one under our sink and I love it.

My next test of ability is tomorrow and Thursday, where I work all day each day. Will I be able to keep on track and follow the schedule? I hope so because if not, Friday is going to be very busy.

Now I've got to go vacuum so I can watch Glee tonight!!

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