Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 9. It has been cold and rainy here for four days and I'm starting to go stir crazy in the house. But regardless, the house work continues.

I got a big fail yesterday because I was so busy cleaning the windows I didn't change the bed linens. Or vacuum the upstairs. Or put laundry away. All things that needed to be done. I guess this is going to be a busy weekend catching up.

I did on the other hand finish the windows on the first floor and had to give the bathroom once over because it got really untidy. I also managed to get started on my menu planning.

If you remember at the beginning of the month I had said that each month would focus on projects in what ever room I was working on at the time. Well this month is the kitchen so in an attempt to weed through all the recipes I've clipped out of magazines, I'm creating weekly menus using these recipes. Good ones will stay, the rest will go. That took a bit of my time yesterday because I have a huge stack of recipes. I have no clue how I accumulated so many!

so my pick from 101 things to do is interesting. I have to weave something. On a loom I guess, but since I don't think I have one anymore (yes, I used to have a loom as a child) I'm going to have to make one out of cardboard. I plan on making that tonight out of a huggies box I have lying around. I'll also be posting my before and after pictures tonight as well.

Be back soon, got to go make dinner for my babes!

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