Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Round one

This is going to be harder than I thought. Ok, well, I knew it was going to be hard.

Day 6 was the start to my weekly cleaning schedule.

The day: Monday

The room: bathroom

The chore: clean it.

Broken down like that, sounds pretty simple. But let me tell you, it took 5 trips in and out of the bathroom across the day to actually get the whole thing cleaned. I know that yesterday was a bit off because it was a holiday and the weekend caused the kids schedules to be all messed up so everyone was cranky. Plus we had no food in the fridge, so I had to go grocery shopping with everyone else in the city it seems because it was so busy out there!

I guess I could have switched shopping day and bathroom day... didn't think of that yesterday though. A lesson for next time.

Today's task if vacuum and dust the first floor. Perfect because I actually found my duster today! It must have been destiny, lol. It was just sitting there waiting for me. Hasn't been used in I don't know how long so it was probably pretty lonely and neglected feeling. Peter thinks it is odd that I give objects feelings, but how can you not with all those Swiffer commercials out there?

In other news...

What a glorious Easter weekend we had! The weather was great and we actually got to go up north and look at how our bunkie was coming a long. We have a small piece of land just east of Port Perry with a little cabin on it that we are fixing up. It is a long process but we are getting there! Poor Peter didn't get much done with us there so he had to go back up on Monday so he could do something other than rake leaves. Thus is life with a family I guess.

Gotta go vacuum!


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