Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fixing a pot is not as easy as it seems. First off, most of the stuff they said to get isn't available anymore. I had to roam through the hardware section to find washer made of cork, and then I couldn't find the correct size. The book instructions are actually for holes in the bottom of the pots, but their method would help my handle stay on much more securely, if I could find all the parts. I'm heading out to Home Hardware tomorrow to see if they have anything.

Cleaning windows is my new form of meditation. It is so satisfying. I have before and after pictures I'll post later, but seriously, they should have been washed years ago. It took three swipes with my vacuum cleaner to get all the dust off the screens, and even then, I'm going to have to wash them so they get really clean.

Tomorrow I'm going to take before pictures of my kitchen so I can see the comparison at the end of the month. I'm hoping the book addresses the inside of cupboards because mine are a mess!

This is a pretty mundane post, lol. Tomorrow will be more interesting, I promise!

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