Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love at first sight

I love my vacuum cleaner.

I seriously love it.

He even has a name... James.

He is strong and powerful and can get through anything.

James is a Dyson. A Dyson Animal. That describes him exactly.

He can suck dust bunnies from three feet away, actually makes my carpets look cleaner and has so many attachments I don't know what each of them does.

Is it odd to care for something this much? I don't think so. He is reliable, totally comes apart so I can clean and fix him in a jiffy (not that he has ever needed fixing), is bag less, has great teeth and, you know what? He looks great too! What more could you ask for in a man... uh, vacuum :)

We were first introduced at my friend's parent's house. They had one and I took it for a test run. It was love at first vacuum, and I had to have one. And after four months of saving up, my dreams came true.

It was a huge purchase, one I shared with my Mom. But it was so worth it. We have two cats, one German Sheppard, two young children and two construction workers who drag in more dirt on their clothes than a kid in a sandbox and two avid gardeners all in the same house. It is necessary. We kept on burning out all our other cleaners because of all the hair, dirt and grime.

Having started my housewife challenge, I appreciate my vacuum cleaner even more. That being said, my vacuum cleaner is changing the way I see my housewife challenge. Both are giving me a sense of calm and both are helping me to see that doing little things add up to big life changes.

It may be a silly connection, but it is one that is making a difference. Isn't that all that matters?

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