Sunday, April 18, 2010

A re-vamp and a Tid Bit

The re-vamp: I need to change the weekly schedule. It just isn't working. So my new schedule is as follows:
Monday: clean bathroom, vacuum/dust first floor
Tuesday: clean kitchen, organize recycling, change cat litter
Wednesday: put away laundry, clean bedrooms
Thursday: create next weeks menu and shopping list, change bed sheet, collect laundry
Friday: Clean bathroom, vacuum/dust first floor

I'm surprised at how much I'm learning from the house keeping books. For example, my favorite tidbit in today's reading was how soap works. I've never really thought about it before while washing dishes.

Did you know that detergent was created during the war because the fat used was in short supply? People discovered that it worked better than soap, and by the 50s it was used by the majority of people. Why did it work better? The suds created by detergent actually hold the particles of dirt away from what has just been cleaned. As the sud dissolve, the cleaning power of your wash water also lowers. Also, the suds actually help keep the water hot. Adding more detergent won't boost the power though because detergent works best in hot water. If you see that the sides of our sink have scum on them you are probably not using enough detergent or water that is hot enough. So turn on the heat and add in the Sunlight!

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