Sunday, April 4, 2010

I totally forgot to add my schedules to the post! I have been busy trying to figure out when I was going to do what on which days. So, here it is!

Am: open all windows, pull back bed sheets/blankets, make beds, put away clothes
Pm: tidy toys, wipe down kitchen, general tidy of house.

Monday: clean bathroom, clean cool mist humidifiers

Tuesday: vacuum and dust first floor, mending, create grocery list

Wednesday: Grocery shop, tidy fridge, clean kitchen

Thursday: collect laundry, changed bed linens, vacuum second floor

Friday: dust/vacuum first floor, wash floors and tables

Saturday and Sunday we are away often or doing family things so I have left those off.

My monthly tasks are:
Week one: clean windows
Week two: wash duvet covers, air out pillows, change mattress covers
Week three: clean ceiling fan and blinds
Week four: organize bedrooms (although I'm not totally happy with this one, it may change)

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