Wednesday, March 30, 2011


1. A Milestone: It is March 31st.

In one day I will be celebrating one year of blogging. One year of cleaning. One year of organizing. And one year of taking pictures of things I didn't think I'd ever take pictures of, namely my laundry basket and, well, my mess. I used to be very private about that kind of stuff.

On Friday, possibly Saturday, I will post pictures of each room as it stands today. Cleaning day is Monday around here, so you will see each room as it looks when it is lived in. In it's natural state. With just a little bit of chaos thrown in for good measure, because chaos is the natural state of this home. The only thing that has changed over the last year is that chaos is so much different. It literally means a few papers here and there, or a book not on the bookshelf. Nothing like it was a year ago.

2. An opinion: I made the worlds best french toast today. I just wanted to tell you.

3. A story: I spent this week downloading music for my kids. Then I got the bright idea to put it all on my husband's IPod so we can take it with us where ever we go! Super idea if you ask me. It just plugs in to my stereo in the car, we have a special adapter cord doodad just for an Ipod. Perfect!

Only problem is, apparently when you try to load music on to an ipod from a different computer than the one it is authorized with, you first have to transfer all the purchased music and then delete all the music on the ipod. My husband had about 300 songs on it. And while I did stop and think for a minute before I deleted everything, I really didn't think it would be THAT big of a deal.

I also forgot to tell him.

And OF COURSE, that day he wanted to go for a jog. With his fully loaded Ipod.

He was gone for maybe three minutes when he came back up the stairs asking what the heck happened to his music. Why was he listening to Tom Hanks sing Hot Chocolate from the Polar Express? And then I remembered and disclosed everything. He walked away muttering something about the kids taking over everything.

Yes, well, welcome to my life darling. I can't even pee on my own. When the kids start banging down the door when you pee, then we can talk. Until then, you get no sympathy for me.

4. A Triumph: Little Man's second trampoline class was on Tuesday. It went so so so well. He just walked in to the class, took the instructors hand and had an amazing time. No tears, no screams, not even a "Bye Mom!". And he learned a lot as well. I'm so relieved to see that he takes instruction well. You can see the determination in his little face that he wants to do exactly as she tells him. I'm a super proud mama.

Now I just need to figure out how to get him to stop turning my house in to a gymnasium.

In conclusion: I'm super happy today because

1. A year of learning new cleaning techniques are done. My toilets and kickboards have never been cleaner.

2. I had yummy French toast for breakfast.

3. I have a wide variety of music to listen to in the car with the kids, and am not limited to one cd of Curious George/Jack Johnson music.

3B. I now have an idea as to what to get my husband for Father's Day. What says love more than an Ipod you don't need to share with your kids???

4. I have a happy gymnast in my house.

My cup runneth over,


  1. Remember when I said I wished we had classes like that around here? Changed my mind. Matthew treats the house like a gymnasium, which causes no small amount of tension between the me and the other inhabitants of the house anyway.
    I'm sincerely proud of your year. You've done an awesome job. What's your toilet cleaning secret? Because while you've done an awesome job with this blog and I love to read it, it's been pretty light on the actual cleaning details, lol. What ever happened to the stack of books you started out with? Did you read them all or did they turn out to be not that helpful? If one was really helpful, which one?

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging! I'm really impressed that you have stuck with the blog and have changed your home in such a positive way. I love reading your blog, and hope you will continue to let us in on your awesome secrets and your heart-warming stories.

  3. You haven't posted in almost a month! Hope you're doing well!


  4. Loved this: "I can't even pee on my own. When the kids start banging down the door when you pee, then we can talk. Until then, you get no sympathy for me." Amen, sister!