Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello all!

With the help of my wonderful friend Karen from 3garnets2sapphires  I am now able to offer email subscriptions to my blog!

What are email subscriptions you might ask? (I did)

By subscribing to my blog, you will get an email each time there is a new post, eliminating the need to come and check to see if I have graced you with my boundless knowledge and endless humour. 

All it takes is three easy steps!

1. Type your name in the subscriptions box over there on your right and click subscribe.

2. A new screen will pop up. Type in the crazy word and click confirm (this is to prevent spam).

3. Check your in-box for an email from FeedBurner and click on the link to confirm that you and not your evil double did in fact want to receive email updates of my gibberish.

Presto!!  You can now follow me where ever I go!

There is another way to subscribe if you'd like to follow me with the feed reader of your choice.  That is the box directly under the email subscriptions box on the right hand side.  Simple choose your choice from the drop down menu and my feed will show up where you need it to be. 

Thanks again for the support! 


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