Thursday, March 3, 2011

I wouldn't be me if...

My husband often tells me I'm weird. 

I think HE is the odd ball, but they say it takes one to know one so that line of argument fails quickly.

Regardless of who is the odd one in the relationship, I am always well aware of my... shall we say, uniqueness? For example:

1. I need to brush my teeth before I shower. 
Even if I take a shower in the middle of the day, I have to brush my teeth first.  Not sure why, just do.

2. I can't sleep with cold feet and have to have a hot water bottle on them each and every night. 
Even in the summer. Even when we camp. 

3. Bathroom water tastes better
 This one totally freaks my husband out because he is a plumber and did the plumbing in our house and knows FOR A FACT (he always accentuates those words when explaining this to me) that the water in the kitchen is from the exact same pipe as the one in the bathroom because they share a wall.  That may be, but the bathroom water tastes better.  He has even gone so far as to do taste tests with me, or says he filled my water bottle with bathroom water and is then totally freaked out when I know it is kitchen water. 
I'm weird like that. 
I just know.

4. When I leave the house with the kids, I need to do a run down. 
 By run down I mean, seconds before I leave the house, I need to do a verbal check that I have everything I wanted to take.  Right now the run down is mostly hats, mitts, scarves, Kleenex, lip balm etc.  And I have to see the kids to make sure each one has everything on they are supposed to have on.  I THINK this stems from my background in child care, when I had a boat load of kids to take outside and get ready, but I could be wrong.  All I do know is, when my husband helps us get out the door, the whole process is messed up and I end up running in the house ten times getting things we forgot.

5. I can't eat in dark settings. 
When we were out for a romantic dinner when we were dating, I had to ask for more candles on our table so I could see better.  It isn't because I'm worried about what is in the food, or that I'm paying very much attention to my food at all.  I just need light.  Lots of it.  Needless to day, candle light dinners aren't a frequent occurrence in our house.

I'm sure I'm not the only one here with odd behaviour.  Don't we all have little things that make our spouses love us more and more each day??






  1. I totally agree about the bathroom water! For me it's just the upstairs bathroom. That water is so much better than the kitchen water. Barry agrees with me, but he's not a plumber, so that's probably why!

  2. That is too funny. I've never EVER heard of anyone else liking the bathroom water more!