Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Talk Weather

It's March.

People have been complaining about the weather all winter long.  It has been a typical Canadian winter here, cold, snowy, windy and snowy.

I really don't know why we are surprised every year.  Really, we live in Canada.

But where I usually enjoy the cold weather, the snow, the windchills, this year, I have joined the masses as belly ached about the weather.  Last winter, it was so warm we were sitting on a patio for St Patrick's Day.

It hardly seems fair, this years winter.  It actually has me feeling a little bit blue.  Here is a recap of what the weather has been doing lately.

Last weekend, we were doing this:

See how happy he is? My little man LOVES the snow and welcomes each snowfall with joy.



My little lady is more of an observer than a do-er.  She takes the broom on purpose.  She knows she can't do anything with a broom.


She decided to go to the back.  But would only walk in the tire tread.  It took ten minutes.

This past Saturday, we were doing this:

All decked out in their new (bought that day) rain gear, we headed out on Saturday night for a very exciting walk in the rain.  My little lady had a nervous break down when we got home because she wanted to sleep with her umbrella.



The next day this happened:


Yeah, I'm not any happier about it than you are, son.


Mr. Man decided to take matters in his own hands.  See that old dead weed?


He is planting it. 


He needs spring.  His words, not mine.


 My little lady wouldn't even get up off the flower bed edge this time.  She is never really all that impressed when it snows, so this was even more unpleasant for her.

March is so fickle.

Can't wait to see what April brings...



  1. Oh my gosh you little ones are so cute! I hope the snow goes away soon! I'm right there with your little one....I'm definitely ready for spring! Luckily some of the trees here in Tennessee are already starting to show some buds. Oh, btw, found you on The Pioneer Woman's blog.

  2. Great. Matthew wanted to know who Anna was and I said Alexander's little sister. "No, she's my little sister mama." Um, no, she's not baby. "Mama, I need a little sister, I want one. I'll just stand here and wait for one okay?" Uhhhhhh... Couple of months ago would have been a better time to mention that, dude.

  3. Thanks so much Joanna! This has seemed like such a long winter because we really haven't had one for two years. Last year was so very warm it seemed we went from fall to summer. Thanks for stopping by!

    Deb, Ah ha ha. Ha ha. Ha.

  4. Mike's not gonna think hahaha at all when I tell him Matthew wants a little sister and that having a vasectomy reversed is much more painful than having one done to begin with. LMAO!

    Actually, considering today, my mood and his behavior, I think I'll just do the reversal myself.

    I love your blog. Mike is on my Facebook now so I can't say what I want on there but he's not here. He's being a complete douche and I'm so pissed off at him I could kick him because I know it's going to boil down to him bitching and whining about living with our parents again and I totally get it, I hate it too but damn I'm sick of dealing with him acting like a 3 year old every few months about it.

    There. I needed to be able to say that.

  5. Ha ha, no problem Deb. Thanks for loving my blog! The support is so much appreciated! Most of my immediate (not people I met online) can't be bothered, except for a handful of very special people in my life. I'm sorry Mike is being a big doink. It isn't any kind of fun when they get in to moods...

  6. If it weren't for the people I depend on online, honestly I don't know what I'd have done. I've got a few very special people, and pretty much everyone I know IRL can kiss off for all the time and care they show for my life.

    Ahh geez, I'm watching a Tanya Tucker video on Netflix right now and from the intro she's giving to this song, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be bawling my eyes out pretty soon. I stopped about 20 minutes ago.

  7. haha, I live in the States but where I'm from the weather has been just as unpredictable. I too am ready for constant, warmer weather. Your children are precious!

  8. Thanks Andrea! They definitely keep me on my toes, lol. Let's hope the weather starts settling down for the both of us! Thanks so much for stopping by!