Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser...

Do you ever have those moments when watching your children play and you wonder...

"Hrm, is that normal behaviour?  Or is my kidlet really odd..."

I get those a lot when watching my Little Man play.  He is so vibrant and colourful when he plays, and he re-enacts things he has read in books and seen on tv.

This is my little man.


Looks pretty normal here, right?

Looks like he is just sitting on a pile of blankets on the couch.

This is actually what he is sitting on:


We have been reading stories about farms and he is fascinated by the chickens.  So he turned himself in to a chicken.  The blanket is his nest. He needs to keep the eggs warm.

I'll just step back now.  Apparently I'm too close to the eggs.


See?  This leaves me wondering... normal behaviour of a child with an exceptional imagination?

Or weird.

But then I'll turn around and he'll be doing something like this:

And I know the answer.

Mama Hen


  1. You realize the answer is normal? or else we have identically weird children, which makes them not that weird at all. ;-)

  2. NORMAL!! My nephew was obsessed with dinosaurs when he was this age. Every day he would have to 'hatch' from a pile of blankets every morning before he could do anything. It was quite the site. He also use to scare the bejeebers out of children in the McDonald's playland. He would be a dinosaur and twitch like them and 'sniff out' the other kids. In comparison your kid is tame lol.

  3. Holly, that is HILARIOUS! Kids are so funny. My oldest son had this stuffed dinosaur that you could squoosh up and zip up the back and it turned into a dinosaur egg and then "hatch" it out of the egg that he was totally obsessed with for years - I mean way beyond the age you would expect. He kept it at home after he turned about 5 1/2, but up til that point "Tiny Diny" went everywhere with us.

  4. Ah ha ha ha Holly! Yeah, seems a bit tamer than Alexander, although he does growl at people, which isn't exactly wonderful social behaviour, lol.

    I gathered he was normal, but sometimes the things he does just totally throw me off, lol

  5. That's adorable!

    I will just mention that I had a neighbour across the street from me once who liked to pretend she was a cat. Her mom indulged her WAY too much. Took her bed out of her room, and gave her a box to sleep in, and also fed her all of her meals in a dish on the floor. While it seemed cute when she was a kid, it wasn't so cute when she grew up and changed her name to Cat.

    So yes, it's normal, but just be careful that you don't over-indulge him! ;)

  6. So I should put his bed back and take away the nest?

  7. BaHahaha! That's hilarious. I don't have any children of my own yet, so I have no comparable stories, but I'm sure that is perfectly normal. We've all pretended to be an animal at one time or another in our childhood.