Thursday, March 24, 2011

A conversation...

The other day, first thing in the morning, as the snow fell hard and fast, and the wind blew cold and frosty, and I was still in my pajamas, I had this conversation with my little man.

Little Man: Mama, can we go outside to play in the snow?
Me: Oh Alexander, it looks very cold and blustery out there.  I think it is a bit too cold for me today.
LM: Oh, that's ok Mama, you can wear a hat and mittens.
M: Yes, that's true, but Monkey, it's snowing.  SNOWING.  Mommy doesn't really feel like going outside today. I want spring back again.
LM: Hmmmm (long pause) I know!!!!  I want to go play in the snow, and you want to stay inside, right?
M: Yes, that sounds right.
LM: Ok well, then we will go outside this morning and you can just go with it.
M: Just go with it?  Monkey, where did you hear that from.
LM: I don't know, my brain I guess.  But you can just go with it.  When it rains, we go with the rain in our rain boots.  In summer we go with the sun in our sun cream and sun hats.  In fall... um, well we go with the leaves but we don't need any tection (protection) from those and in WINTER we go with the snow in our SNOW BOOTS!  You have GREAT snowboots Mommy.  They will keep your feet nice and warm.
M: Will they now.
LM: Yes, they will.  Now go eat breakfast before all the snow melts.  Spring is coming you know.  It might come while you eat breakfast.

That last line he says while he watches out the window, very intently, as if Spring is going to jump out and eat the snow as it falls.

Geez, we can only hope.

BUT, there was a point to this post.  The point is, that while he didn't really get what the phrase "go with it" means, he did bring up a valid point.

Sometimes, as parents, we really do need to just go with it. 

Instead of thinking about how much we don't want to get up in the middle of the night, go outside in the snow, climb up to the slide for the thousandth time at the park, eat spaghetti for breakfast or make a mess and build a huge pillow fort in the living room you just spent 30 minutes cleaning, we need to just go with it.

Because if you think about it you will have so much time to sleep when they are older it will make you sad thinking about it.  There will be many years coming where you will have to fight with them to go shovel the snow for you.  The memories you are making at the park will last a life time.  Especially the ones where you end up making a fool of yourself.  And that pillow fort in your living room? THAT is going to help your child build their imagination and transport them to a different world. 

And maybe, just maybe, they will be totally captured by its fun, and play with it just long enough for you to read a chapter or two of a book, enjoy a cup of tea sitting down, sort those pictures you meant to put in an album, or even just go pee without someone talking to you through the door

That's my dream anyway.  The bathroom one.  Forget the rest. I just want to pee without an audience.

So enjoy those moments when you'd rather be doing something else.

Because while you are complaining and moping, you might miss something good.


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  1. Great post! What a smart little man you have!