Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Focus

Well, well, well, fancy meeting you here.

Heck, fancy meeting ME here!

It has been a long time.

Last week someone asked me for the link to my blog.  After sharing it with them , I took some time to flip through it myself. I read through the many blog posts, looking at the pictures of my littles and oooing and ahhing about how tiny they were.

One thing that really struck me about my posts is how much they weren't about organizing at the end.  They were more about the time I spent with my kids, and it was really nice going down memory lane.

And then I started questioning why I stopped blogging.  I really enjoyed my time blogging.  I love to write and fancy it my hobby.  So why, why, WHY did I stop blogging??

Then I vowed to start blogging that night.  I went to create new post and read through the tutorial (apparently when you don't blog for a long time they change everything as punishment for not blogging. Meh.)

And I started typing my very first blog post in a year and a half.

But then my youngest little woke up and had to go pee.

Then my dog needed to go pee.

Then I needed to go pee.

Then got totally side tracked until I went to bed and saw my computer open in my bedside table.


That's why I stopped blogging.  Life kind of got in the way.

I started homeschooling my oldest.  My youngest decided to join us.  I started babysitting.  Life just got really busy.

But things have settled now, and so here I am.

This blog won't be about organization or finding my inner housewife. That part of my life is done.  I'm organized, I'm happy with my house-wifey status and job description, and I homeschool.

Life can only be so organized when school happens every day at your dining room table.

This time, it is going to be about my family.  All the fun, un-fun, crazy, laughable moments we have together.  Our homeschooling, my baking, my sewing, Lego Challenges.  Everything.

The focus in our family.

But first...

I have to pee.




  1. Hahaha, well said! Funnily enough, it looks like we were just blogging at the same time. You're up late! (I'm up late!) Looking forward to reading more :)

  2. I'll have to jump on over to your blog and read it! Thanks for stopping by!