Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slow Start to the Year

Anyone else dragging their feet this year?

I know we are only a few weeks in, but my house can't seem to get out of vacation mode.

We were all sick with the flu from just before Christmas to New Years.  Just when we got better I got hit with another wave for the last few days of 2012.  So much for a rip roaring new years eve.  I went to bed at 10pm. And that was pushing it.

With all the sickness, we were sleeping until 10am each day, sometimes later, going to bed early, lazing around on the couch.  The kids played with new toys, watched new DVDs, played new Wii games, did crafts.  Just a generally quiet, peaceful, lovely holiday.  With the husband home too, which made it that much more blissful (well, as blissful as you can get with throw-up buckets in every room).

And then the regularly schooled kids went back to school.  So we attempted to get back in the swing of things as well.  It just didn't quite work out that way.

We are still sleeping in until around 8:30 each day, not getting ourselves out the door before 10am on a good day.  We've at least started homeschooling again. When the kids started asking to do school and pulling out their workbooks and readers last week, I figured that was a bit of a clue.  Time to get my bottom in gear.

But I'm still dragging my feet.  I don't fee blue or depressed or sad.  I don't even feel lazy.  I just really like curling up on the couch with a good book, my littles, a blanket and reading the afternoon away.

I know that many homeschoolers love the flexibility homeschooling provides.  The ability to make your own schedule, take longer vacations, relaxing and learning naturally.  But we are just a family that thrives with structure and routine.  We are struggling with the added freedom, getting cranky, a bit short with each other and generally not getting along all that well this week.

I guess I'll be setting my alarm tonight for a 7:30am wake up call.  I still hold fast to the "never wake a sleeping baby" saying, and while my kids are far from babies anymore, it still pains me to think of taking away our 8:30 sleep ins.

I weep at the thought.

What sane mother does that????

Well, my sanity has always been questioned.  I guess this'll give 'em the answer.


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  1. I'd be so interested to hear more about how you homeschool. It's something I don't know much about. Do the kids have to take tests or meet criteria laid out by the TDSB or province, and do you receive any sort of guidance? It must be tough!