Friday, March 18, 2011

In the Depths of my Freezer

I have a dirty little secret.

Now, I'm all about full disclosure here.  You have come along with me this year as I turned my mess in to a home.  Please don't judge me for what you are about to see.  Believe me, I've judged myself plenty over this one.

It all started, I'm ashamed to say, almost three months ago.  I had make a big huge pot of vegetable soup, and while I was putting some in the freezer, one of the containers opened and spilled a bit.  I started to clean it up and then heard "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND" being yelled from my livingroom.

Hearing this means one of two things.  My little man is attempting to fly like Buzz Lightyear, or he is about to catapult something in the air in an attempt to make it fly like Buzz Lightyear.  Either scenario, not so good.

So, long story short, I left the mess. I forgot the mess.

The mess froze.

I did think of the mess every now and then, but usually when I was right in the middle of something and didn't have the time to empty the freezer and give a good cleaning.

And then my fridge got a smell.  It was totally unrelated to the soup frozen on the floor of my freezer (some alliteration for you), but I've had a hard time getting rid of said fridge smell. We couldn't actually trace it back to a food.  Nothing was spoiled, nothing had a naturally strong smell.  Not quite sure what's going on there, but I cleaned and scrubbed  the fridge last week. Yesterday, I did the freezer.

Oh. My. Goodness.


Wanna see??


The yellowy stuff, that's the soup.  The other ickiness spotted around the freezer, I have NO clue what that stuff is.  Well, other than totally and unacceptably gross. 

Wanna see closer?

Soup, with bits of what seems to be bread crumbs?  Not sure, still gross.  Very VERY gross.


 And this?  This is just the gross stuff that has no name.  I am seriously so ashamed that I let my freezer go this far.  That's what happens when you have an over stuffed freezer.  Be warned.  Well, not really.  I'm sure most people clean their freezers much more frequently than I do.  Is that hair? Oh my...


I got my little man in on the job.  This is him at the very very very start, before he got a good look at what he was going to clean.


Then he looked in and said, "Mama, that is yucky!"


And him hard at work.  I swear he loves to help me clean! And he has so much fun it makes me actually not mind it too much.  Kind of.  This job just really grossed me out, so I really couldn't find much fun in it.


I forgot to take after pictures.  Mainly because my little man was having so much fun it took a little while to get him out of the freezer so I had to get the stuff back in quickly.  But it is clean now.  Unfortunately, the smell still resides in my fridge.

I currently have sections of today's newspaper folded up on each shelf to try and soak up the smell.

But that is a totally different post.

I have to go take a shower.  Those pictures make me need one.



  1. Haha, that was pretty gross. But mine's looked like that before, so no judgement here. Have you tried baking soda in the fridge?

    Oh and usual, I adore Alexander. Seriously, I love him.

  2. I have used baking soda. I'm writing a post about it now. I can't figure it out and you know me and smells. I get obsessive. I must banish this smell!!!

  3. Your little boy is so cute! Don't worry, I have some dribbles in my fridge that need to be cleaned. I think everyone does for the most part. :-) You are not alone!

  4. Thanks Joanna! He melts my heart when he smiles like that. So glad to hear that other people have fridge messes too. My mom was so meticulous about keeping the fridge clean that I thought it was the norm, lol.