Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I haven't been here

I'm sad about the state my blog has taken recently.

The state of emptiness.  No new entries, no new pictures.  Nothing.

Well, blame it on the Man.  Damn the Man!

I work on contract each semester with our local college, supervising students who are out on field placements.  And this semester I have so many students it is taking all my time and energy.  By the time I'm through with the phone calls and email and marking, I don't want to look at another phone, computer or red pen again. (I'm also sad to report there is a lot of red pen, which just takes up even MORE time. I've got a challenging group this semester.) 

I go to bed, read for half a second and fall asleep.

And unfortunately, since I'm actually paid for that work, it has to move way up near the top of the list of  things I have to do during the day. Before scrub the toilet, but after feed the kids.  You know, priorities.

I'm hoping things settle, but it doesn't look like it is going to any time soon.  So I will try and get back here as much as possible, but I'm sad I can't get here every day. 

Gotta go.  Phones a-ringing, emails a-pinging.


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