Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shed Update

My husband and I were working on the shed this weekend.  

Well, really, he was working on the shed this weekend. I found a long lost lawn chair and was so happy that I found it again that I sat on it the whole time with my little lady.  

It is a really comfy chair.  

So my husband got a bunch of the bigger stuff out of the shed and came to the realization that we need to have a garage sale.

Let me tell you how I feel about having garage sales.  

With every morsel of my being I loathe hosting garage sales.  I don't like the hagglers, I don't like figuring out change and I don't like setting up with people standing there watching me waiting to look through my stuff. I don't like sitting outside with my stuff on the lawn, I don't like the hazard it causes when people slow down in their cars to see if anything is interesting, and I don't like figuring out change.  

Have I mentioned that I don't like figuring out the change?  It involves math, and I am not a fan.  I'm totally scared I'm going to do it wrong and look like a moron. 

But the garage sale is a necessary evil. 

We have so much camping gear and small household appliances that are taking up room that it really is a good idea.  Plus we have a lot of extra furniture now that most of our living space has been taken over by toy cabinets.  

So while we did work on the shed this weekend, it was more sideways progress than upward progress because everything we took out he put back in again until this Saturday.  Progress pictures will be posted this weekend after we get all the garage sale stuff out.

Garage sale talk has taken over my husband's brain though, and he is starting to evaluate everything in our house.  He has taken a huge interest in all my books.  

This worries me.  I've already donated all the books I don't want to the hospital where I had my babies for their fundraiser book drive.  

I have nothing left to give.  

Yet there is a gleam in his eye that I KNOW is going to attempt to convince me otherwise. 

There could be a war in the near future.  

I'll keep you posted,

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