Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five Things I Just Don't Get (part two)

1. Boyfriend clothes. 

Not your boy friend's (or husbands as the case may be) clothes.  Those are comfy and cozy and safe and smell good (usually).

Boyfriend clothes.

Basically men's clothes have taken over the woman's section of many stores.

There is a whole slew of jeans with no room for hips, thighs or bottoms hanging on the racks.  There are endless amounts of straight cut button down shirts, Mr. Roger's style cardigans and  t-shirts with collars and breast pockets, all of which do not allow for muffin tops, breasts or arm flubbers.   Why?

2. The word vacuum.

Really, what is WITH those two u's?

3. Why kids don't like to keep socks on their feet.

Do they take them off just because they can?  Is it just to keep us busy?  Are they actually uncomfortable and by taking them off 187 893 789 475 times a day they are trying to tell us something? And why must they take one off in one spot and the other somewhere else?  Do they not like matching socks?  Because what results is a laundry hamper full of left socks and no right sock (or right socks and no left socks). Why?

4. Jersey Shore

Really, are they serious?  Is this scripted?  I only watched eight minutes and that was more than enough.  Do people really act that way?  And are there people that really feel it is something worth broadcasting on television?  And people WATCH this?  I shudder to think that some people probable even chose to act as they do.  Oh heaven's, I worry about society some times.

5. Hair Bands

It isn't really hair bands themselves I don't get.  Just the fact that they won't stay on my head, no matter what I do.  But if you are a soccer player running around the field butting balls and getting sweaty, it will stay on your head no problem.  Doesn't make any sense what so ever. WHY???????  What has my head done WRONG?????



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  1. I was with you on the boyfriend clothes until about 2 months ago. Target has started carrying "boyfriend t-shirts". I am a t-shirt and jeans/t-shirt and shorts kind of gal, always have been, always will be, but the problem is I've gotten chunkier and my boobs have gotten bigger as I've gotten older and the t-shirts just keep getting smaller. Enter the Target boyfriend t-shirts. They come in plus sizes (and Target has a new plus size sizing system, it's 1-4, and it's awesome) and these t-shirts....Oh how I love them. They're just plain v-neck t-shirts with a tiny little breast pocket, but they fit. And they're sooooo soft. And they're made out of the perfect kind of t-shirt material, not that heavy, thick, crappy stuff but soft, thin cotton like they should be. Oh I could go on about these t-shirts for days. I've got 3 colors and I would have more but can't find them in store and they're not online at all. Anyway. I love these t-shirts, lol.