Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deck the Halls!

We finished decorating the outside of our house today.  My husband, who has never liked Christmas, has started to get in to the spirit since our kids have been born.  Or it could be because our neighbourhood is crazy about Christmas decorations.  I think his competitive spirit has taken over in place of a Christmas spirit.

This is him climbing up a tree as tall as our house.  Not a great picture but if you look closely, you'll see his feet at the top of the ladder.  This was just before he actually climbed the tree.  My heart stopped one thousand times. 

This is me ignoring the fact that my husband is in a tree, taking pictures of the decorations that I put up yesterday ye.  I stress the I because about five minutes later Alexander wanted to start adding his personal touches.

My decorations:

Please excuse the mess of stuff on the porch, I took the picture before I made it all tidy.

Now for Alexander's touches:

Three snowmen that glow so bright you can see them from a plane and a plastic Santa. And if you look at the picture of my decorations, you can see a snowman peeking up over the boxes.  He would have added this guy somewhere, but glory be, the bulb was broken.  Not that he would EVER let me forget that we need to pick up a new bulb, but it gives me one day with just three instead of four glowing snowmen on my lawn.

And this (although this he did while I was putting up the garland yesterday):

And when I asked him if he liked all the decorations, this:

Now how can I argue with this face? That and the fact that he asked us every two minutes if we thought his decorations were "bootiful".  I love it when he says "bootiful".  Especially since he takes such pride in the work he does.  You can actually feel the pride oozing out of him as he works.   It's "bootiful".

And after all that avoidance, the tree was done! I'm standing on our second floor balcony, on a chair, and my husband still says next year he is going to go higher.  My heart will stop again. But I have a year before I have to worry about that.

On tomorrow's Christmas decorating episode - hanging big huge ornaments from above tree.

Help me. 



  1. 1) I love the front porch of your house, it's so cozy.
    2) You have clearly forgotten the most important married rule there is. If he's wearing a wedding ring, it means you are the boss of him. You can't flex that rule too often or they get resentful, but you CAN flex it when they decide to do stupid ass things like climb 3 story trees to put lights in them. Honestly, what is WRONG with men???
    3) My decorations aren't up yet *sob*. There's a guy coming tomorrow to put molding around the floorboards throughout the entire downstairs and then we can decorate. We just decided that since he's going to have to move every single piece of furniture in the house anyway, adding more stuff for him to move would suck. On the bright side, it will be really pretty with the new floor, molding and freshly painted walls! :-)

  2. 1. I love my front porch too. It is so nice to sit on in the summer and people watch. I hate that it is so messing in this picture, but by the time I had it all tidy, I was too lazy to re-take the picture, lol

    2. Ha ha, once he gets his mind set on something, he does it. He knows his limits, and it was dry so there was no ice or snow. Last year there was snow on the trees and he didn't go up very far.

    3. Other than Alexander's Christmas shrine, we haven't decorated anything inside either. I'll start that once December 1st hits. That is our usual date for Christmas decorating.