Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Things I Just Don't Get

1. Low rise jeans. Really, I don't need to see your bottom, thank you. What really cracks me up (no pun intended) is that they started making t shirts longer so they cover up the low rise jeans crack. So now it not only takes me forever to find a pair of jeans that covers my bottom, but all these long t shirts look like dresses on my 5'3" body.

2. I used to be 5'4". I'm going to be an umpa lompa by the time I'm 50.

3. This:

This is a pile of my husband's clothes. On top of a folded laundry hamper.

4. This:

I don't know why he has a toilet seat on his head. I just took the picture.

5. What is all this fuss over Edward from the Twilight series. Seriously, Jacob, he is what all the fuss should be about. Edward is all white and pastey and well... dead. Jacob, he is just SO not.

Yes, I realize this was a movie made for teenagers.

I know.


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