Friday, February 18, 2011

Full Moon

Today has been a day and a half.

It has been filled with children laughing, crying, screaming, pouting and whining.  Lots and lots of whining. 

It has been filled with mommy laughing, crying, wanting to scream, sometimes yelling, and whining.  Yes, I found myself whining back a the kids. 

Not as a way to show them how annoying it is.  Not as a way to show them how hard it is to understand them when they whine.

Nope. The sad fact is they, my children, have totally infiltrated my brain.

I have heard the whine so often I have mistaken it for an appropriate way to communicate.

I have heard the whine so much that I heard it when no one is speaking.

I have heard the whine so much and I found myself so tired and frustrated, that I, in fact, started whining when my children asked something of me.

I'm not proud of this.  And when I caught myself, I stopped.  But still.

It has not been a good parenting day.  At all.

And then a friend on facebook posted a picture of the full moon. And it caused me to wonder.  What power does the moon have over behaviour?

We say it over and over again when faced with odd behaviour or occurrences.  "Is there a full moon tonight?"  "Must be a full moon."

I haven't ever really put much thought in to the saying until today.  Seriously, I thought the day would never end, and now that it has all I can do is feel guilt about the mistakes I made today.

Playing over all the times I yelled, whined, had no patience,  was short, or was just plain too tired to even respond.

I totally forget to remember the times we laughed, giggled, danced, made paper hats, snuggled and read books together and when for a walk in the glorious weather we had today.

But the fact that there was a full moon has actually made me feel a bit better about their behaviour and mine.  It is a comforting thought that there was something else at play here today.  That there was some stronger power that took over our brain and heart and caused them to malfunction.

It was the moon's fault.

I'm going to take that to bed with me tonight and remember all the fun times we had today. 

And then I'm going to pass out from exhaustion and hope that I don't have to go through it again tomorrow.

Because that would just blow my whole full moon theory to bits.


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