Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Five Things I just Don't Get (part three)

Here we go again!

1. Skinny jeans for babies.  Really?  Is that necessary?

2. The tv show Toddlers and Tiaras.  This is like Toddler Jersey Shore.  Seriously, the drama is unreal and the parents are worse than the children.  And what in heaven's name is putting children in fake teeth, make up, extensions and heels teaching them?  Many moms say it isn't any different than a child using her mom's clothes and make up and playing dress up.  Uh, the difference is  when she plays dress-up she isn't required to perform what is often very adult like dance moves and wake up at 4am just to have her hair put in. 

3. All the hype surrounding the George Clooney movie The American.  That is two hours of my life I am never going to be get back. 

4. Why Torontonian's can't just suck it up and deal with the weather we are dealt.  Really, we look like fools to the rest of the country when we whine about our weather. 

5. The children's tv shows Waybalo and The Wot Wots.  I cannot for the life of me understand what these characters are saying.  Neither of my kids watch it, but I have been found watching it trying to decipher their babble in to something that is near English, and I can't.  Every so often I catch a word here or there, so I know they are TRYING to speak English, but most of the time all I hear is Charlie Brown's teacher on helium.

And that's my beef for today!



  1. The rest of them I have no idea about but you SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT SKINNY JEANS!!! These are the only jeans poor Matthew has ever worn that don't slide down off his skinny little butt. As a matter of fact I got him a pair of size 4 Old Navy skinny jeans, tightened up the little tab in the waist as tight as it would go and rolled a couple of neat little cuffs at the bottom and they're the cutest jeans he's ever worn. Keeping in mind that if it weren't for length, my kid could still easily wear 2T pants, skinny jeans have been a godsend for us. Overall i agree with you about the idea of little kids wearing those tacky ass saggy, tight, icky skinny jeans but hey - as long as someone's going to make them, I'm going to rejoice and buy them. I'm just not telling anyone I'm buying them 2 sizes too big, lmao.

  2. You are too funny Deb! My nephew actually has to wear the skinny jeans as well because he is so thin, but they don't look like skinny jeans on him, and he is older. I was really just referring to babies who still have lots of rolls and flubs that need freedom to roll and flub, lol.

  3. Lol, they don't look like Skinny Jeans on Matthew either, they just look like jeans that aren't too big all over. Like I said, they're a little long but a couple of neat cuffs in the bottom of them makes them adorable instead of being the right length and saggy and baggy all the way around. And have I ever told you what trying to get him to wear a belt is like? OMG you'd think the first time I'd tried to put it around his neck or something, he absolutely will NOT let me put one on him. I think that it's uncomfortable actually, I think he hates the way belt buckles feel.