Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Things on the Bottom of My List

During the last four months I have really come to like keeping house. There is a great sense of satisfaction when things look nice and organized, and this puts all the cleaning in a positive light. Except for these chores, which I'd rather not do, and thus allow my masters in procrastination take over and make it ten times worse in the end. I'm sure even Martha Stewart has some chores that she leaves until she can't stand it anymore, right?

1. Dusting. Really, someone needs to invent a sucking machine you attach to your house once a week to suck all the dust out. And make it affordable. And make it small enough that it fits in my closet. I don't ask for much, do I?

2. Sorting the clothes in my children's drawers. I absolutely loathe this job, and thus, both my monkey's have a wide variety of sizes in their cupboards ranging from 6 months-24 months for my daughter and 2-5T for my son. He hasn't worn a 2T since last summer, I'm ashamed to say.

3. Finding a place in my house to put the clothes my children no longer fit in. We live in a three story house with only one closet. In the foyer. I kid you not, only one. And it is a closet built in 1913 so let me tell you, big it ain't.

4. Cleaning the stove top and oven. I do not have a self cleaning oven and let me tell you, that will be the thing I look for when we get a new one. Although, I'm pretty sure this one is never going to stop working, mostly because I want a self cleaning one and I tell it every chance I can get. I've made it jealous and stubborn. The stove top gets cleaned every week and I fight with it each and every week. Too many of those coil things just don't fit in properly unless you yell a little.

5. Organizing my pictures. This has become one of those long term goals. I'd love to get all of the photos out of the boxes and in to albums. But what seems to happen each and every time I start sorting is I get caught up in the nostalgia and oooo and awwww over each and every picture, re-live the memory (maybe even act some of it out), make a big mess of piles, see that it is already way past my bed time, get frustrated and just shove everything right back in to the boxes. Needless to say I'm not getting anywhere. So this has become a job I'd rather not do but know I have to do, so we go through this process about once a month. I'll get there soon. I have faith. And only one closet, so I need to free up the shelf space.

I'm off to bed now. All this talk about my least favourite things to do has made me take a good look at the house, and if I don't go to bed now, I might just feel guilty enough that I'll have to start dusting.


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