Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lesson Learned

Well look at that.

A whole "school year" has come and gone since my last blog post.

I was busy with the business of homeschooling.  And when I wasn't busy with the business of homeschooling, I was pursuing my own interests which kept me away from the blog.

We had a very successful year, although our learning isn't completed.  We are what some people call year long home learners without a summer break.

What we really are is a family that learns together all the time.

I've been reading many blogs the last few days, many of them focusing on what the mamas have learned since they began the homeschooling journey. So I thought I would take a moment and do the same.

So many things have gone well since we started homeschooling two years ago.  A few things haven't meshed well with us.  And some things we never got around to doing.

Two things that really work well were our focus on Waldorf and Charlotte Mason styles of education, and continuing to focus on bringing more cheer and calm to our family through stories and song.

The biggest thing I learned this year was that perfection is over rated. I'm a planner by nature, but waiting to start doing something until all the pieces fell in to place was draining my energy and halting our discoveries.

So I let go of the elaborate plans and now, when we find an interest, we just go with it.

I let go of some of the control, and surprisingly enough, feel more in control of our lives.

Before, I was always chasing the dream of creating the perfect situation to learn something.

But the perfect situation to learn something is when nothing is perfect.

The perfect situation to learn something is when the spark has been lit and we follow its light to see where it takes us.

Sometimes it leads us exactly where I thought it would.

But more often than not, it leads us on a wonderful adventure we could have never anticipated.

That was a great lesson to learn.


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