Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Solstice

 We had our first summer solstice celebration yesterday.  We have always talked about the first day of summer, but never have we immersed ourselves in the longest day of the year.  One thing we have fully adopted from the Waldorf philosophy is living in the seasons and really letting them guide our activities. 

To celebrate the solstice, the kids and I sat down and brainstormed some ideas.  We had my nephews over for the weekend, so the kids decided first and foremost, they would be playing outside for most of the day to make the most of all the daylight. 

The second idea was make glass lanterns with tissue paper.  The kids wanted to have candles burning after sunset to keep the "sun fire awake a little longer". 

Our lanterns

My idea was to make paper boats and float candles in the kiddie pool.  We have been doing a lot of paper folding lately, and this provided the perfect opportunity to put our creations to use.

Our fleet
 After a full day of playing outside, we ate a meal that included the first fruits of our vegetable garden (lettuce with chives and a parsley and basil salad dressing) that we purposely waited to harvest on this day. Then we went out to create some art with rocks around our lanterns.  Truth be told, I think I had more fun than the kids did.  My little man has asked to do this over again as he felt he didn't spend enough time creating his rock art.  The call of his cousins, who finished quite quickly, was too much. 

Working to create some rock art

And then we waited for the sun to fall.  We played outside for a bit longer and then enjoyed a movie with some treats.  Finally it was time!  We went out and each child lit their lantern and then they walked through the garden.  There was an air of reverence between them, their voices hushed as they quietly discussed the patterns they made and the fun they had on the longest day.

They also spun the boats around the pool by creating a whirl in the center with their hands (science, check!)

After they had enough, they went in to get ready for bed and I stayed outside to take a couple more pictures.  After a few minutes I realized the house was dark but for a small glow coming from the living room.  The kids had shut all the lights and when I listened I could hear them telling a train story (when one person starts the story and other add to it).  It was lovely to hear their chatterings as I soaked up some much needed peace in the back yard (five kids is a loud undertaking!)

And now that it is all over, I am SOOOOOOOO excited that we are falling back in to darkness!  I am by far a lover of fall and winter and am excited to be returning to shorter days and longer nights.  Our rhythm just seems to flow so much better without all this dang sunlight ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your Summer Solstice!


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  1. Sounds like you all had a fun-filled summer solstice. We had a great day as well, going strawberry picking and visiting a sustainable dairy farm.
    Our rhythm has been non-existent for a few weeks now. I love all this sunshine though.